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Happy Labor Day!

Traditionally, this is a day to rest from your labors.  For our family this year, there are very different meanings.  Most of you know that Larry and I are on vacation to spend time with our daughters.   Amanda was due to have our first grandchild a week ago.  No luck yet.  We are hoping Labor Day will earn its name.  Our other daughter, Andrea, has a major project going to build a kennel complete with stalls, electricity, running water and everything she will need to breed doodle puppies.  That has been a major family endeavor. So labor, definitely, not rest from labor.  I’ll keep you posted about the baby. Welcome Evan Laurence Hall 9 pounds 4 oz.


Our original plan was to be home by the 11th.  Now, if I am to be of any help with the new baby, it looks like it will be more like the 18th.  In the meantime, you are in great hands with Yolanda and the rest of the team.  Please consider Yolanda’s leadership to be equal to my own until we return. 



Parent Survey

The results from our parent survey show that for the most part you are pretty happy with our team and the service we provide.  A couple of suggestions were to offer you copies of our menus each day and to do a better job of communicating via Brightwheel in the older classes.  EHS classes already have Tadpoles and we are pretty consistent on that. We have the menus posted in the main hallway and in each of the classrooms.  In addition to that, we are starting to post it on our website, and we are happy to run a copy for you if you request it.  As for Brightwheel, we really did drop the ball on that one.  Training for our staff has been set up and you should see a marked improvement very soon.  Thank you to each one of you who took the time to respond honestly to our survey.  Honest feedback is how we get better every year!


Accreditation Progress

We have been working toward accreditation, as most of you know for a few years.  We have been told by our coach that we are ready to submit our application.  As soon as that is done, we are looking at a possible 4- month window before we find out.  Normally, we will be given a 2- week window to let us know when the team will be here to check us out.  When we know, we will let you know!  Traditionally, they will want to interview some parents too.



Hello and Goodbye

Miss Alyssa started her new job with the corrections department on Aug. 28th.  It was hard to see her go; but I understand the need to more benefits than we can provide here.  I was pleased to find out that her long- term goal is still education.  She will make a great teacher when the time is right. We are praying that she will have a smooth transition to her next position.

At the same time we are welcoming Miss Ashley.  Ashley is a graduate from the early childhood CTE program at Youngker High School and has a great foundation in child development, classroom management, and lesson planning already.  Please welcome her when you see her. 




4 - Labor Day - Closed

19 - Staff Meeting



9 - Columbus Day - We are Open!

17 - Staff Meeting

31- Halloween




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We normally update it at least once a week.  


Family in Focus

Did you know that we are praying for you?  We are.  And we draw a name from our watering can every week or so to find a family (or team member) to focus on.  When we draw your name, we will ask if there is something specific we can pray for you or your family.  Experience tells me, this usually comes at a really good time!  The names for the  Family in Focus will be posted (without prayer requests) on the board in the entry way, along with the memory verse for the month.  That way you can pray along with us and be a part of blessing various families in the Garden City community.



Also, please remember that sandals for school need backs on them to hold them on your child’s feet.  The others are not really safe for school. 


Scholastic Book Club

Be on the lookout for October's Scholastic flyer.  Take advantage of these deals.  Order your books! 


Bible Theme:  Noah


Our Bible theme for the month of September is Noah.  This is a wonderful time for us to explore construction, animals, weather, colors of the rainbow, and how to start over again when something bad happens.  How did Noah do that?  How did he start all over?  He started by building an altar to the Lord and asking for God’s guidance.  Not a bad model for us today! 




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