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Accreditation Update   Nothing new.  We are still waiting to hear.


We are at the halfway mark of our fundraiser for team t-shirts and classroom supplies. Please let your friends know about the wide variety of gifts in our catalog and remember to turn in your order forms on Friday.  If you and your friends have placed orders online, all the better.  Remember to make checks out to Garden City and put “fundraiser” in the memo line.  Or register online at  Our school code is R3336227. Thank you for your support!

What if? (Story telling tips)

Story telling is a great way to build language and creativity in your children.  The most obvious way is to read books to them.  Here are some other ideas:

1.      Play the “What if?” game.  What if you found some money on the street?  What is the sky was orange instead of blue?  What if you could dance like a ballerina?  It’s endless.  Be sure to let them pose what if questions to you.

2.     Make up songs to familiar tunes.  The words can be as simple as what you would say in a normal voice to creating rhymes.  “Well, I’m going to the store to the store…”  Or “Did you ever see a snake, baking a cake, down by the bay?”

3.     Start the story and take turns adding to it.  “Once upon a time there was a little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead….tell me what the little girl did.” 




27 - The early childhood Career andTechnical Education class from Youngker High School will visit our center.           



11 - Picture Day!!  All classrooms

27 - Preschool Graduation


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We normally update it at least once a week.  


Family in Focus

Did you know that we are praying for you?  We are.  And we draw a name from our watering can every week or so to find a family (or team member) to focus on.  When we draw your name, we will ask if there is something specific we can pray for you or your family.  Experience tells me, this usually comes at a really good time!  The names for the  Family in Focus will be posted (without prayer requests) on the board in the entry way, along with the memory verse for the month.  That way you can pray along with us and be a part of blessing various families in the Garden City community.



Also, please remember that sandals for school need backs on them to hold them on your child’s feet.  The others are not really safe for school. 


Scholastic Book Club

Be on the lookout for April's Scholastic flyer.  Take advantage of these deals.  Order your books! 



Bible Theme


Parables “After Jesus finished the story, He asked, “Which of the 3 men was the neighbor?...Go and do as he did.”  Pg. 384

The neighbor was a Samaritan.  Samaritans and Israelites were constantly at odds, like the Hatfields and the McCoys.  Most people thought the other group was undesirable simply because they were from the other group.  Yet this Samaritan cared for an Israelite who was hurt, bound his wounds,  put him up in a room, and paid for his expenses.  That is what Jesus wants us to do.  Care for others as if they were our own.  It’s a tall order…the essence of the Golden Rule.





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