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Parent Surveys

Thank you to each of you who has returned the Parent Survey this year.  We like to send these out annually, so we can hear what you are thinking and hopefully get better every year.  At this writing, not all of the surveys are in, but there are a couple of suggestions I would like to share with you.  For the most part parents just need to know where to find things. 

1.  One parent suggested having a copy of the weekly menus, so she would know what her child is eating.  Those menus are posted in the main hall and in each classroom.  Changes to the projected menu are also noted.  For parents who would like a copy to take home, just let someone in the office know and we are happy to copy it for you.  We don’t automatically make copies for everyone because we expect most of them to be discarded. 

2.  A parent noted that he/she had never been given a written copy of an emergency plan.  Those plans are outlined in your parent handbook. We do go over it during the orientation or policy review; but we don’t expect you to remember everything from that time.  Basically, in case of an emergency evacuation we will be at the First Southern Baptist Church a block east of us – or – in the case of horrible weather, we will be at the Chamber of Commerce building at 508 E. Monroe, the building just this side of City Hall.


App for Preschool Classes

If you have a child in our Preschool or Early Preschool classes, you know that we have been searching for an app that you can use to keep in touch with what happens in your child’s day at Garden City.  We will be using Class Dojo.  It is another free app and it is the one used by most of the elementary schools in our district. So, it should make an easy transition when you child goes to kindergarten Once the teachers have your family entered into the program, you will get an invitation to set up an account and you will be off and running!  For the Early Head Start classes, nothing is changing.


New Family Breakfasts

In an effort to get to know new families, and have them get to know each other, we are going to start having quarterly breakfasts for our new families.  The first one will be on Friday, Sept. 28th.  Watch for more information as we get a little closer to that date.


Thumbs Up Award

Congratulations to Ms. Christine in the Early Preschool class!  She is the recipient this month of the Garden City Thumbs Up Award, an award voted on by the staff to recognize those who display one or more of our core values. Ms. Christine “gives more than is expected”, and it shows!  Thumbs Up, Ms. Christine! 




8th - Columbus Day - We are open!

8th-12th - Parent Teacher Conferences

29th-1st - Spirit Week





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Family in Focus

Did you know that we are praying for you?  We are.  And we draw a name from our watering can every week or so to find a family (or team member) to focus on.  When we draw your name, we will ask if there is something specific we can pray for you or your family.  Experience tells me, this usually comes at a really good time!  The names for the  Family in Focus will be posted (without prayer requests) on the board in the entry way, along with the memory verse for the month.  That way you can pray along with us and be a part of blessing various families in the Garden City community.



Also, please remember that sandals for school need backs on them to hold them on your child’s feet.  The others are not really safe for school. 


Scholastic Book Club

Book club is will start back up again in October.  Keep your eyes open for those $1 books.  Great deals offered especially for upcoming holidays.





Bible Theme – Noah

Noah is one of those characters that I believe you could spend a year talking about.  Think about it!  Noah began to build a huge boat when his neighbors ridiculed him for doing so.  Construction is a good theme for this as well as doing what you believe to be right even when others don’t agree.  Then there are the animals…SO many animals and so many different kinds. Then there is the weather.  What happens to the earth when there is so much rain?  And finally, there are rainbows. (We have prisms now to make our own.)  And there are promises.  What does it mean when we make a promise?  What does it mean when God makes a promise?  Thankfully, we can trust Him! 




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