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Flexible schedules

Tell us the hours and days you need, and we will do our best to accommodate you!  Our fee schedule includes full-time and part-time, and any number of days of the week.  We just ask that you are consistent, so we know how to schedule our team.

Reasonable Rates: 

Please see our rates under the tuition tab. Discounts apply to full-time enrolled families, siblings, or children of military, police, fire, or staff members. DES families are welcome.


Childcare Food Program: 

As a member of the Child and Adult Care Food Program, you can be assured that your child will receive well-rounded, nutritious meals and snacks at no extra charge to you.


Well Rounded Curriculum:

Children at Garden City Child Development Center have the opportunity of looking at math and science, language development, social learning, physical development, art and music, and Bible history all in fun ways that stimulate the imagination and captivate young learners.  School agers can work on their own homework or join in with the younger children.  Either way, they will be learning...even if they are not aware of it!  


Kindergarten Readiness:

Our teachers are constantly observing and recording what your children can do in 6 different developmental areas.  It is important for them to know where their students are developmentally so they can plan the activities needed for the next step!  If your child is with us for that last year or so before kindergarten, he or she will be ready to be a class leader, confident of their ability to succeed in that environment.    



Learning a second schedule language gives a boost to a child’s cognitive activity. As kids memorize words and adopt new sounds, they increase creativity and flexibility in their mind. Moreover, by taking adventures in the foreign language, children get to know more about their native tongue. In other words, they back up concepts they have grasped in other languages. It is taught through play-like activities – songs, stories, games and many more. As classes end, children become self-confident and can apply their newly acquired linguistic skills in real-life situations with embarrassment.



Kids love gardening, as it opens plenty of opportunities to explore by doing. Children enjoy digging and playing in the dirt. There is not any other better way to help children learn about the world of plants and animals as well as the environment as such than by proving them with their own garden space. Kids experience satisfaction and sustain interest, as they watch seeds, they have planted sprout - and at the same time learn about the great cycle of life. Through gardening, they also learn to be respectful for the environment and take care of all living things in nature.



Cooking classes instill a love in the kids for healthy eating and provide them with extra fun, as they engage in various foodie activities such as preparing snacks, making dough, mixing ingredients. Little culinarians can express their most ambitious cooking ideas and eat what they have prepared later. Cooking is not just fun, but a great way for kids to create their own healthy recipes and broaden their culinary horizons.  


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