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In our work, we put great focus on one thing - the welfare and education of your child. In order to properly encourage your child's personal and academic development, our professional educators follow a unique approach that combines academic excellence with a free-spirited and playful atmosphere for learning.


Our teachers regularly participate in educational seminars and always bring new ideas and input to their daily tasks. These ideas are passed on to your child in playful exercises and diligent study sessions.



Ms. Yolanda - Director


Ms. Victoria - Owner


Mandi – Office Manager

My name is Amanda, but everyone calls me Mandi. I joined the Garden City team Back in 2019 when my family and I first moved to Arizona. I have my associate degree in early Childhood education and have worked in the field for 10 years now. When I first joined the Garden City team, I was an early HeadStart teacher in our toddler classroom. Now I’m the office manager and support staff and families from the front office. Teaching and family support have always been a passion of mine and I do truly believe that it is my calling. If you have any questions about our center or would like to set up a tour, please reach out. Id love to meet you and our child(ren)to connect to see if out center is a good fit for you.


Rhonda – Directors Assistant

I have been at Garden City Since April 2023 I am a mother of 4 and grandmother of 1. I am originally from a small town in Illinois. I retired in 2017 and came to Garden City to join this fabulous team of professionals in the care of small children. I know how important it is for parents to feel confident in the daily care of their children. Garden City is a wonderful place!


Heaven – Office Assistant 

I’m 21 years old, Garden City was my first job at 16 years old. I’d say I came along way from 2019 from being cleaner to cook and now I’m assistant manager. I plan to further my education in business. I come from a large family with small children all around me so being here in Garden City is like home. I love getting to know each child and family by watching them grow while being a part of Garden City.


Esther - Floater 


Celeste – Preschool Teacher

I have been here since March 2023. I have a bachelors in elementary education. I also have an associate in arts. I really feel that the LORD has me here for my own growth. Also, hopefully I can encourage others. I stayed here at Garden City because I found a group of strong women that I found to love and believe in. I have also grown to really care for the children. I love seeing kids have the “AHA” moment in learning. My role is to encourage whoever I meet, to teach 3–5-year-olds to love learning and love the LORD to go above and beyond every time I show up at my job. My faith is something so important to me without God I would not have the creativity the joy, the energy. I would not have the perseverance to get through the different moments and grow from them. My faith is my reason for doing anything I do well. I credit the lord for all my breakthroughs, this reason is no different.


Gerri –  FOrmer Preschool Teacher ( WE WILL MISS YOU )

I have been at Garden City Since 2018. I completed high school and some college as well as some cosmetology classes. The Lord leads me here to Garden City, I have an assignment here that I must complete before I can move on to something else. I enjoy seeing the kids learn and increase in knowledge and take what they’ve learned into kindergarten with them. I’m a mother of 4 boys and 1 girl, I’m grandmother of 1 boy and 1 girl. With whatever I do, I do it with a humble heart and confidence that I will accomplish what is required of me knowing that I’m making a difference in each child life that come to Garden City.


Natalia – Former Early Preschool Teacher ( WE WILL MISS YOU )

Hello, I have been working here at Garden City for about a year. I am currently working on obtaining my CDA. After I finish my CDA I plan on future my education and getting a BA in education. I chose to work at Garden city because I feel like God called me here, not only that but I always wanted to gain more experience in early childhood. My favorite thing about teaching is being able to witness children’s milestone, leading them into success, and being able to be a good role model for the children in my care. I have little brothers, I have cared for in my life, so I always knew I loved caring for my family and others, especially children. My role here at Garden City is making sure each individual child in my care has his/she needs met academically, emotionally, physically, and to make sure our future generation is ready to take on the world most importantly that they are ready for school. Faith impacts my life and work because I am a firm believer that God has a plan for us, and has written our paths, what we do, what we go through is all in God’s plan for us. So, I live by faith not by sight. God will always be here and love all his children and as a teacher here at garden cit. I make sure to remind each child that God has infinity love for us.


Mrs. Elvia – Early Preschool Teacher

I have been here ay Garden City since 2012, I currently have my infant & Toddler certificate. I feel like Garden City is like a home to me, I really enjoy working with children. My favorite thing to see is children learn and complete milestone and watch them grow. I’m married and have 4 children. I love music and love to eat. My roles at Garden City can be from being in the kitchen or in the class with children.


Alyssa – EHS Toddler Teacher

I’ve been with Garden City for 2 ½ Years & with Early Head Start for almost 2 years. I started Working at Garden City as a senior in Highschool as a part-time cleaner but stayed because I grew to love the other teacher & Kids. I’ve recently gotten my CDA and am now preparing to get my associate degree in early childhood education. I’m 20 years now and this is the first teaching job I have ever had but I see myself continuing to work here well into my teaching career. Garden City being a Christian based center has strengthened my relationship with God being raised mostly Jewish but having a disconnect between me and my religion can be a powerful asset to understanding myself at work and home.


Julie – EHS Toddler Teacher  

I have been with Garden City since November 2014. I am married with 4 fur babies. I have an AA in early childhood education and my food Managers certificate. I have 23 years of experience in childcare. I stayed with Garden City because it is my home away from home. I love the family atmosphere, the children and what we stand for. I love watching these children grow and thrive. Their little smiles bring joy to my heart. God is always on my side guiding me in my everyday activities and giving me guidance in my decision making. He guides me through my daily workdays and when I struggle. I pray to him to help me find the way.


Luz - Toddler Teacher 



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